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DMS Integrator


The BSIIntegrator is an example of the type of product we can develop to integrate systems at a motor vehicle dealership to work together to avoid duplication of work updating two systems. This product is used to integrate the BSI Booking System with the Automate Character DMS System at a motor vehicle dealership.

How does it work

  • On the BSI Bookings and Appointment system the bookings clerk would click on the Add button to create a booking. This would happen when the customer is communicating with the booking clerk either in person or over the phone.
  • This opens the Jobcard Details screen where the clerk enters the customer's registration number and clicks on the search button which starts the BSIIntegrator.
  • On the BSIIntegrator application on the Vehicle Search screen you have the Automate and the BSI Systems customer and vehicle information next to each other. The BSI System has the information filled in retrieved from the search and no information at this stage on the Automate side of the screen.
  • Clicking on the Search button the system automatically extracts the information from the Automate character system by simulating the users actions and reading the information from the screens and filling in the Automate side of the screen on the BSIIntegrator's Search of Vehicle Screen.
  • Both the Automate and BSI systems information are now displayed next to each other and colour coded to show if the values is the same (green) or different (red) between the systems.
  • The booking clerk now has all the information clearly displayed and he/she would ask the customer to confirm if the information is correct. If everything is the same (green) then the task would be easier as you could just ask the customer if anything has changed since the last booking and maybe confirm one or two key fields.
  • If the information is correct on one of the systems the booking clerk can transfer the information by clicking a checkbox to push the information to the other system. If the information is new or changed the booking clerk would enter the information on either side of the screen and using the checkbox to push the information to the other.
  • If information changed on the Automate side of the screen the clerk would click on the Save button which would automatically push the information from the BSIIntegrator to the Automate Character system simulating the users actions. In this process the system would, depending on what information has changed prompt if it is just an update of the customer's information or if it is a different customer to deal with change of ownership.
  • The clerk clicks the Exit button on the Search for Vehicle Screen which sends the information from the BSIIntegrator back to the BSI Jobcard Details screen from which the clerk would complete the booking information.
  • Demo

    For a demonstration of the system please click on the following link BSIIntegrator Demo


    For more information regarding costs and the process for purchasing, installation and training of the system please contact BSI-AUTO


    All first level support for the BSIIntegrator is performed by a South African based company called BSI-AUTO. You can either contact them via email or call the helpdesk. To contact BSI-AUTO please click on the following link BSI-AUTO

    Who is using this product

  • Porsche
  • Hyundai
  • Ford and Mazda
  • Landrover
  • Jaguar
  • Volvo
  • GM