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Construction Industry Development Board (cidb)

The Construction Industry Development Board (cidb) was established by Parliament (Act 38 of 2000) as a statutory body that builds the construction delivery capability for South Africa's social and economic growth.

One of the mandates of the cidb was to establish a national register of contractors and of construction projects to systematically regulate, monitor and promote the performance of the industry.

Competing in the CIDB tendering process against many of the large players in the South African software development industry, MNR was awarded the contract to develop a System to manage the National Register of Contractors.

Business Objectives

The CIDB needed a turnkey system for managing the National Register of Contractor and Register of Projects. This entailed planning the architecure, establishing infrastructure requirements, developing a System based on Microsoft Best Practices, using a of SQL Server backend.

The developing of the application needed to be governed through the published CIDB Act as well as promulgated interim changes such as the Construction Register Service Regulations.

Solution provided by MNR

MNR Solutions proposed the initial hardware infrastructure, and assisted in obtaining the relevant resources for deployment. The Turnkey system was initially built for a 6 month pilot in Limpopo province, and thereafter rolled out to the remaining provinces over a 12 month period.

Unlike similar initiatives in Singapore and other countries, the solution built for the cidb included an online prescense, which enabled contractors to register themselves over the web, and monitor their application progress realtime as it reached certain milestones internally.

MNR, with inputs from the CIDB, started mapping business processes for the management of the national register, and developed a unique workflow system to faciliate the awarding of grades to contractors. Such processes have also formed the cornerstone for the development of the Construction Registers Service application, and enabled the CIDB to facilitate and implement further business process mapping themselves.

Technologies that were deployed in creating the system include SQL Server 2005, VB6, C# (Framework 3.5), VSTO, Pastel Evolution, Microsoft Reporting Services and Virtualisation.


As a logical departure point from the development of the application to its deployment into the live environment, MNR continues to mainten and enhance the National Register of Contractors and the iTender (National Register of Projects) for the cidb.