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Virtual Employee / Virtual Assist

Ukutela IT Solutions

"We had a problem in integrating the incident details between our web based call centre application and that of our client. Having done extensive research to get a integration tool developed, we were presented with quotations that were way out of our league.

MNR claimed to have a system automation tool that was non-intrusive to either of the applications and which could act as a "human robot" to carry out the synchronisation between the two systems - in real time! MNR had a test system up and running in our environment within a week. A fully tested and operational application was working live 2 weeks later.

With their system in place we were immediately seeing improvement in data capture accuracy and staff productivity"

- Mike Pickering
Director Ukuteta IT Solutions

BMW South Africa - Dealer Management

BMW South Africa is a leading manufacturer of luxury cars. After Sales technical support to their dealer network is KEY to provide customers with number 1 service. The PUMA system is an integral part of BMW's technical assistance to the dealer network.

The company needed to speed up the process of assisting dealers with technical queries as a result implemented MNR VirtualAssist to manage the resolution of the PUMA cases. MNR VirtualEmployee technology monitors cases logged by the BMW dealers and notifies the technicians for responses.

Management at BMW South Africa and the dealers are notified about cases that have not been responded to after certain time.