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Featured Product - Virtual Assist
Why use this technology?

  • I have a system for which I have no source code for example an Off-the-Shelf product.
  • I have an old system that I have no support for.
  • My IT department does not have resources to assist me.
  • Integration projects traditionally are complex and time consuming and may involve different IT departments.
  • I have to go through many screens to find the data I want.


Businesses are faced with employing people to perform manually intensive repetitive tasks to keep systems updated. This happens as a result of different computer systems not easily being able to integrate to each other. There are many reasons for the lack of integration and one of the main reasons is because systems run on different technical platforms and/or are supplied by different software vendors.


Our customer use Virtual Employee to either integrate systems into a single view, or in order to automate tasks that would otherwise require dedicated or non-dedicated resources to do, such as data entry and data imports.

Virtualisation of tasks

The Virtual Employee concept uses technology to automate tasks that are performed by people in order to keep systems updated. This increases productivity and eliminates the human error factor. Virtualisation of tasks by our technology is reliable and is able to work 24/7 if necessary. Our customer employ this technology to monitor and manage events, automate related tasks and update databases between non-integrated or disconnected systems.

Single View

The technology can be used to provide a single view of information, across mainframe, windows, unix and even web interfaces, thereby improving productivity, by cutting out numerous steps user may have to take to extract data for business purposes.

The next image show an example how information needs to be collected from a HR System, a Payroll system and a clocking system running in different platforms in order to perform a certain task.

The Virtual Employee System

Virtual Employee is technology developed by MNR Solutions to integrate systems in a non intrusive manner.

Our virtual technology integrates systems running on Mainframes, AS/400, Windows, Unix, WEB.