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Virtual Assist Software Automation

By unifying communications we speed up collaboration-intensive business processes, generating a workplace that enables access to data wherever and whenever the worker needs or wants it anywhere, anytime.

Technology plays a key role in enabling this flexible approach, furnishing the agility needed to achieve high performance in the rapidly changing markets of the always-on global business environment.

MNR Virtual Assist

The MNR Virtual Assist product is our core offering, and is fundamental to our services offering, which is often provided as a standalone service. In each of the cases below, this core offering was extended into the products as described.

MNR Virtual Assist takes out the mundane and puts back the intelligence into an office environment, and includes technologies such as data integration, forms automation, lookup and search automation, Microsoft Office automation and old to new technology adaptation.

Case Manager

The Motor Case Manager was developed for the motor industry, and offers genuine and practical case management principles to the motor industry. Used by BMW dealers countrywide.

The Travel Case Manager designed specifically for the travel industry is a de facto standard for case management at Seekers Travel.

Claims Reconciliator

The claims reconciliator integrates mainframe with windows technology to automate the claims process in the motor industry. It automates the transfer and processing of data to the extent that procedure that would normally take 2 days to do every week was reduced to an hour long task.

The claims reconciliatory is a custom developed project, that can fit into any claims processing environment easily and with minimal effort. It is currently used by BMW dealers nationwide

DMS Integrator

A must for any Motor Dealer – an integration component that integrates 2 or more dealer management systems into a single frontend.

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